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At Project Pro, we save the best quality candidates for your company’s job requirement.  We have the insider track to qualified job seekers.  This gives your company better access to higher-quality candidates that are beyond what can be achieved through a traditional job board posting.

As an external hiring partner, Project Pro will provide you with the ability to make fast-paced decisions and fill positions quickly.  Any company that opens the position to the public will find themselves overwhelmed by resumes and under-qualified candidates hoping to luck their way into a new job with a better salary than their last position.  Most importantly, Project Pro will save you time and money by providing resumes based on your company requirements and your suggestions after matching exceptional candidates with the workplace and position.


* required

1. What role would you like to hire?
2. How many people are employed at your company?
3. What type of project are you hiring for?
4. How long do you need the resource?
5. What time commitment is required from the resource?
7. When do you need the resource to start?
8. Are you open to working with remote resource?
9. Do you have an hourly rate in mind?

Thank you! We will be in touch.

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