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564 Plumbing Systems, Fabrication Design Engineer $110,000 - $150,000

New York, NY, United States

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About the Role

Job Description

Skills: Revit or Catia, Piping systems, Architectural Engineering or Construction experience



Qualifications: A degree in engineering or related field

Locations: NY, NY 10005 OR Harrison, NJ 07029

Our team seeks a highly organized, detail-oriented professional who excels in precision modeling of complex plumbing and sprinkler piping systems. If you are passionate about detailed high-quality engineering, have an in-depth understanding of piping systems, and thrive in a collaborative/fast-paced setting, this is the role for you.

You will:

  • Join a diverse team of architects, manufacturing engineers, and industrial designers responsible for the design, development, and product validation of prefabricated MEP components 

  • Design and model intricate building piping systems to a fabrication level of detail using advanced 3D modeling software.

  • Produce detailed shop drawings and comprehensive bill of materials for piping systems.

  • Create work instructions, assembly drawings for customers which may include suppliers of combined products as well as the internal modular assembly process.

  • Coordinate effectively with various teams to ensure seamless integration of piping system components and supporting elements built into products and coordinated with overall building projects.

  • Apply your experience in systems design, possibly gained in adjacent industries, to innovate and improve existing piping solutions.

  • Maintain rigorous attention to detail in all aspects of work, from planning to execution.

  •  Assist in defining product requirements, standardized data sheets, and specifications.

  • Develop test criteria in support of data sheets and for work instruction inclusion.

  • Support Supply Chain in the development of qualifying criteria for vendor bid sheets.

  • Review of shop drawings and submittals received from suppliers and fabricators.

  • Research innovative materials and processes while keeping up with standard construction products and staying informed about new materials, code changes, and current industry trends.

  • Maintain high standards of productivity, quality work, and collaboration.

You are:

  • Exceptionally detail-oriented, with a knack for precision in every aspect of your work.

  • Adept in using advanced 3D modeling software for piping systems design.

  • A proactive communicator, capable of working effectively within a team and across departments.

  • Innovatively minded, always seeking to improve and streamline processes and designs.

  • Substantially experienced in plumbing & sprinkler engineering, particularly proven in a subcontractor role specializing in building component coordination.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in designing and modeling piping systems such as sanitary & vent, sprinkler, storm, domestic hot and cold water, & support hanger detailing.

  • Experienced in producing detailed shop drawings and full bills of materials.

  • A collaborator and have strong communication skills to work effectively in a team environment.

  • A believer in the manufacturing approach that Assembly takes, with experience in modular building and who will ensure precision in the detail and seamless component integration.

  • Experienced working on mid to high rise multi-family projects, or large-scale facilities.

  • Familiar with building codes and regulations, and persistent in the examination of design against the building code and other relevant jurisdictional constraints.

  • A problem solver, enabling you to quickly and creatively solve technical challenges inherent in modular construction and in the interface with conventional construction towards the development of high-resolution solutions.

  • Highly self-motivated, flexible, and resourceful.

You have:

  • A degree in engineering or related field.

  • A minimum of 7 years experience is required.

  • Modular construction or prefabrication experience.

  • Strong leadership, written & verbal communication and organizational skills

About the Company

We are located in New York, NY, United States

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